Jordan Hale

Jordon Hale is the President of SPF Group, which is a plastic injection molding company that produces plastic bread and bun trays, along with a variety of other products for numerous industries.


He also owns a sales and consulting company, Sales Solutions. Sales Solutions sells products for SPF Group, and others, including Southern Perfection Fabrication which is owned by Jordon’s family, manufacturing metal racks and dollies.


Jordon has been involved in the baking industry for the last 10 years and a member of ASB for 8 years.  He serves as the Treasurer for the Independent Bakers Association, and is heavily involved in other numerous Food Industries. Jordon is a part of ‘NextGenBaker’, which represents the Executive Leadership Development Committee for the American Bakers Association, and is also a member of BEMA.


While passionate about ASB and wholesale baking, Jordon also enjoys traveling with his wife and son, Jayme and Jordy, and golfing in his rare spare time.  To contact Jordon please email him at