Eric Uradzionek

Eric Uradzionek is a Production Supervisor at the Tennessee Bun Co. (part of The Bakery Cos. family), where he coordinates 3rd shift production activities baking hamburger buns for one of the company’s biggest customers.


Eric has been involved in the wholesale baking industry for the last 6 months and a member of ASB for the past year.   A personal hobby, and jobs at smaller retail/wholesale bakeries helped Eric figure out that a career in baking was right for him.  Eric joined ASB before his first major job in the wholesale baking industry because of the awesome learning resources and opportunities to network with experienced bakers in the industry. He continues to be involved in the society because he enjoys staying connected with other bakers across the industry.


While passionate about ASB and wholesale baking, Eric also enjoys road trips, hiking, and bike riding. To contact Eric to learn more about ASB please email him at