Harrison Helmick

Harrison Helmick is a production Supervisor at Bimbo Bakeries USA, where he works rotating shifts leading a crew on the production floor.


Harrison has been involved in the whole baking industry for a year and member of ASB for 7 years. His high school job at Wheat Fields bakery in Lawrence, Kansas first attracted Harrison to a career in baking.  After becoming a student of Bakery Science at Kansas State University, Harrison chose to become a member of ASB because it was a good way to network within the industry and find a career after college. He continues to be involved in the society because he values the relationships and networking that ASB has provided him, and looks forward to a long and fulfilling career in the baking industry.


While passionate about ASB and wholesale baking, Harrison also enjoys marathon running, and hopes to one day qualify for the Boston Marathon.  To contact Harrison and learn more about ASB please email him at Harrison.Helmick@grupobimbo.com.