JOBS – Cain Food Industries – R&D Technologist

Job Title:
R&D Technologist

Company Name:
Cain Food Industries


4801 Sharp St
Dallas, Texas
United States

Experience Level
Entry Level

Employment Type:

Job Description:General Summary
The Research and Development Technologist is responsible for designing and carrying out testing,
recording findings, and using their technical knowledge of the baking industry to draw conclusions on the outcome of the testing. The candidate should have a good understanding of ingredient functionality and the baking process. It is also necessary for the Research and Development Technologist to understand commercial and retail bakery operations and have a good working knowledge of how to formulate and process a variety of baked goods. This is a project based research position in which the technician should be an independent self-starter, critical thinker and willing to learn. The technician must also be a team player willing to give and receive opinions from other team members.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Project Management – Project research and design, bench top testing, analysis, documentation and managing project expectations and goals.
  • Technical Support and Field Service Support – Supporting Operations and Sales staff with technical knowledge when needed, plant trial/testing support and possibly traveling to customers if requested.
  • Customer support – Working with customers to meet specific project goals.
  • Product Formulation and Processing – A working knowledge of how to formulate with Bakers and True percentage and processing dough or batter by hand and with processing equipment.
  • Designing, explaining and implementing product specifications.
  • Supports and initiates research – New market investigation, examination of new ingredients, feasibility of implementation and supply chain evaluations.
  • Understanding of bakery equipment and upkeep.
  • Continuous Improvement – Constantly analyzing internal and external department efficiencies.
  • Food Safety and Quality – Sanitation of the lab, production facility and an understanding of Food Safety within a commercial or retail bakery facility.
  • Continuing education, current events – Staying up to date on new technologies and industry trends.
  • Quality control testing and documentation.
  • Following SOPs and SSOPs – Writing, following and maintaining accurate Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Quality Department Support – Supporting the Quality Department when necessary.

Minimum Requirements:
Education and/or Experience Requirements:
(1) One of the below:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Baking Science, Food Science or related field
  • Commercial Baking Industry related experience (2 + years)
  • Food Industry Research and Development related experience (2 + years)

Physical Requirements

  • Lift, push, or pull 50 Lbs.
  • Stand for long periods of time.
  • Walking up and down stairs and ladders.
  • Safety requirements while inside production facilities.

Additional Requirements:
Required Skills:

  • A Basic Understanding of Ingredient Functionality
  • Bench Top/Hands on Baking Abilities.
  • Math Skills: Bakers Math, Parts Per Million Calculations, Divide, Multiply, Fractions and Metric Conversions
  • A Basic Understanding of Chemistry, Biology and Physics.
  • Documentation, Organization, Time Management and Critical Thinking Skills
  • An Understanding of Food Safety and Quality Control
  • A Background or Understanding of Blending and Bulk Density is Beneficial
  • An Understanding of Product Inventory Control
  • Understand and perform physical safety requirements inside production facilities.
  • Communication Skills
  • Project Driven, Team Oriented and Enthusiastic.
  • Basic Computer Skills: Microsoft Office etc.

How to Apply:

Interested applicants should submit an updated resume and references to John Hinds at Cain Food Industries. Resumes and references should be submitted via email. This position opening is in Dallas, Texas. Contact information is listed below.

John Hinds
Innovation Center Manager
Office: 214-630-4511

Cain Food Industries Innovation Center
4801 Sovereign Row
Dallas, TX 75247

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