BakingTECH 2021 is coming up fast, so to help us spread the word we’ve created a social Social Media Toolkit.  

We’ve compiled all your BakingTECH social media needs in one place!  Be sure to connect with us on our social media accounts and take a look at the hashtags, posts and images you can use to create a “buzz” around the conference.  Feel free to customize your posts so your networks can learn about your thoughts and excitement.

Follow @amsocbaking on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and American Society of Baking on LinkedIn for BakingTECH 2021 updates and announcements.

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Join the Conversation with #BestWeekinBaking #BakingTECH

The event will be using the hashtag #bestweekinbaking #bakingtech 2021 on all social media outlets to allow attendees and members to follow, join and stay engaged in the conversation.

By clicking on the hashtag from one of the tweets, posts or pictures, it will bring you to all the posts using #bestweekinbaking #bakingtech 2021 on the specific social media network you are using – showing the volume of discussion, updates and all the great conversations and events happening around you.


Post a note on your profile

  1. Type up to 600 characters in the Activity box near your photo
  2. Be sure to include link to http://asbe.org/bakingtech2021/
  3. Click on “Post”

Sample post I will be presenting [insert title/topic] at ASB’s Virtual BakingTECH 2021, Innovating for a Competitive Future, in February. Attend the event/session if you are interested in [insert a compelling message from your presentation].  You can learn more at

Start a discussion in your groups  I have been selected to speak at ASB’s Virtual Conference BakingTECH 2021, Innovating for a Competitive Future, on February 16 – 18. My topic is [insert title, or short description].  I hope to see you there!


Promote your involvement at BakingTECH 2021 and include the event’s logo or banner to increase brand awareness through your company’s Facebook or personal Facebook page.

Sample Post I will be speaking on [insert topic] at ASB’s Virtual BakingTECH 2021, Innovating for a Competitive Future, a premier event for the commercial baking community. February 16 – 18, 2021.  Learn more at asbe.org/bakingTECH2021


  • I am excited to be speaking at the first ever virtual #bestweekinbaking #bakingtech 2021 in February! @amsocbaking asbe.org/bakingTECH2021
  • Interested in [insert topic]? Virtually attend #bestweekinbaking #bakingtech 2021 talk in February @amsocbaking asbe.org/bakingTECH2021
  • I am planning my #bestweekinbaking #bakingtech 2021 presentation – what do you want to know about [insert topic]?@amsocbaking asbe.org/bakingTECH2021


  • ASB’s virtual BakingTECH 2021 is made for you—and so is my session! Be sure to add [SESSION TITLE] on [SESSION DAY] to your schedule. Register today! #bestweekinbaking #bakingTECH 2021  bit.ly/3oHEQHy
  • Don’t miss my session, [SESSION TITLE], at ASB Virtual BakingTECH 2021! Learn how you can [LEARNING OBJECTIVE] by [SESSION DETAILS]. Register today and connect with me at #bestweekinbaking in February! bit.ly/3oHEQHy


All BakingTECH 2021 presenters are encouraged to use the above graphics and the official BakingTECH 2021 logo as long as logo policies are met.