Table 214

Founded in 1964, MECATHERM is a French industrial company and leader in the industrial baking sector. The company has three production sites in France and worldwide sales offices in Mexico and Malaysia. A new US subsidiary in Atlanta, Georgia now better serve North America customers. The company, headed by its President Olivier Sergent, employs more than 400 staff.
MECATHERM designs, produces and installs equipment (make-up lines, ovens and handling systems) and automated production lines for customers in the industrial bakery sector. MECATHERM solutions are used to manufacture all kinds of products:
  • Crusty bread: Baguettes, demi-baguettes, bread rolls
  • Soft bread: Sandwich bread, brown bread
  • Brioche bread: brioche, milk bread
  • Pastries: croissant, puff pastries…
  • Patisserie: Muffins, sponge cakes, macarons
More than 800 automatic lines are currently operating in 70 countries on five continents. Their production lines offer an hourly production rate from 700 kg to 5 tonnes of dough, producing a range of products adapted to manufacturers’ requirements: Baked, pre-baked, chilled unbaked, pre-proofed, and frozen baked or pre-baked products.