Table 409

MFG Tray (Molded Fiber Glass Tray Company) offers an extensive line of products expressly designed for food storage, preparation and merchandising. Dough boxes, lids and dollies, proofing boards, display trays; premium and market, baking pan extenders, silverware soakers, prep containers, non-slip serving trays and cafeteria trays. Thanks to their composite construction, MFG Tray food service products offer inherent strength and weight-carrying capacity and can be readily stacked without sagging or bending. They safely handle items to be frozen or refrigerated. MFG Tray food service products may be cleaned in conventional dishwashers or steam cleaned.

Many MFG Tray food service trays and containers are safe for food service and are listed in NSF under the NSF Ansi 2-Food Service Equipment. The smooth, nonporous surface of composite products resists odors, stains and mildew and is not harmed by detergents