Table Top #325

Lallemand Baking is your partner and supplier of bakers yeast and baking ingredient solutions. With our global team of baking experts focused on industrial baking processes, we deliver customer tailored ingredient solutions based on our own fermentation and enzyme technologies and driven by consumer insights and application know-how. We are flexible, responsive and understand your business. Our innovation process is driven by applications and we strive to deliver you a solution that matches your needs and delivers value to you and your customers.
Type of ingredients offered: Baking Enzymes, Bakers yeast, Sourdough starter cultures, Crumb softener/strengthener, Dough conditioner/strengthener, Improvers, Oxidizing/reducing agents, Bromate replacers, Flavor enhancers/extenders, Nutritional ingredients (proteins, vitamins, minerals, probiotics), Antimicrobioals, Baking powder/soda, Leavening acids/bases.