BakingTECH 2023

Resilience: Sustaining Traditions & Forging the Future

February 28 - March 2, 2023
Hilton Chicago


Please book your room reservations at the Hilton for ASB BakingTECH 2023.  Room reservations opening August 15, 2022.

Why Stay Within the ASB BakingTECH 2023 Room Block?

 “Around the Block” (booking a hotel other than the Hilton Chicago, or booking a hotel room at the Hilton but not through the official Hilton housing page) booking impacts association revenue both directly, through attrition fees charged to ASB for unused pre-contracted rooms, and indirectly through the loss of negotiation leverage for meeting space, dates and rates in subsequent years. Guaranteeing room blocks gives associations the opportunity to negotiate concessions, such as better room rates, free Internet, less expensive food and beverage, number of meeting rooms, affiliate meeting space, gym access, etc. Housing is a key component in how this leverage is measured, and ‘around the block’ booking decreases the association’s negotiating power–ultimately making the meeting more expensive. None of us wants to see higher attendance costs. 

How Does Booking Outside the Block Affect an Individual ASB BakingTECH Attendee?

 If ASB is unable to achieve its room block commitments because attendees make reservations at other hotels, or at other accommodation options (such as apartments), or cancel/shorten their length of stay at the Hilton Chicago, then our overall room night performance is hurt. Further, at any one hotel we have performance obligations to meet the room block contracted. Depending on how small or large the gap is between the room commitment and the actual room pickup, such penalties range from $20,000 to more than $100,000. Should this happen, ASB could be forced to increase registration and exhibition fees to cover these expenses and cut back on services provided at the event such as receptions, speaker support, networking lunches and coffee breaks, and complimentary wireless internet access in key areas. 

It’s Better for You to Stay in the Block

ASB staff have worked with the Hilton to develop individual incentives (beyond “doing it for the good of the Association”). Staying within the block has the following benefits for event attendees: 

  • Lowest Rates – Important discounts on room rates and special amenities are available (such as guest room internet and health club access). 
  • Networking – Easily network with friends, colleagues, and representatives of exhibiting companies by staying in the hotels they are staying in so your paths will cross organically.
  • Reduce travel time and costs by being close to all activities day and night.
  • Keep costs low – Help keep overall event costs as low as possible for future events.

ASB recognizes that its event attendees have a number of options when securing hotel accommodations for BakingTECH. If you require a hotel in Chicago, we would strongly encourage and appreciate it if you would reserve your room through Hilton ASB housing webpage.