Danielle Licata

Danielle Wedral Licata is a Market Development Manager at Jungbunzlauer where she specializes in applications innovation and business development to satisfy the markets constant evaluation.


Danielle has been involved in the whole baking industry for the last 1.5 years and member of ASB for 1 year.   Danielle first discovered the baking industry after moving from the diagnostic equipment industry to ingredients.  After becoming employed in the industry, Danielle chose to become a member of ASB because of the great collaborative work and mission.  She is very excited to be joining and becoming more involved in the society.


While passionate about ASB and wholesale baking, Danielle also enjoys swimming, traveling and enjoying the outdoors with her golden retriever Hank.  To contact Danielle to learn more about ASB please email her at Danielle.wedral-licata@jungbunzlauer.com.