Policy for the Use of the ASB Logo


The ASB logo is a registered trademark of the American Society of Baking (ASB).  This logo is a valuable legal and intellectual asset.  Unauthorized use of the logo is prohibited.

ASB grants the use of the logo to its members who have paid their dues for the purpose of identifying their membership in ASB.  The ASB organizational logo may not be used in any manner to imply that a member is in any way an agent of ASB or that ASB in any way warrants, approves, or endorses any product or service provided by the member.  Members are not authorized to use any other logo or trademark that is the property of ASB.

The Logo

The ASB logo consists of two parts: the graphic element and the text element.  The graphic element is a circular shape containing the Society name, acronym of “ASB” and wheat stalk.  The text element’s content will not vary.  It will be set in a specific typeface: Minion Pro Bold (AMERICAN SOCIETY OF BAKING) & League Gothic (ASB).  Proper use of the organizational logo will incorporate both the graphic and text elements.  The proportions of logo and text shall be retained.

Color, Texture and Background

The ASB organizational logo shall use the following colors: the graphic element shall be orange (PMS 7413) and the text element shall be brown (PMS 7533) in respect to the full name and teal (PMS 7475) regarding the acronym.

Acceptable Use

Individuals may use the logo to acknowledge their membership in the organization and/or their participation in a sponsored event.  This extends to the use of the logo in advertisements, promotional materials, trade show displays, web sites, email and catalogs relevant to their membership in ASB, but may not imply ASB’s endorsement, sponsorship or approval of a member’s specific programs, activities, products or services.  The ASB logo may not be used on commercial products/packages.

Other Important ASB Logos

Proud Member of ASB Logo

The Society has created a logo to help members show their ASB pride and promote the association.

Baking Hall of Fame Logo

The Baking Hall of Fame is an initiative of the American Society of Baking to recognize industry innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

 BakingTech logo

Baking Tech is the annual conference of the American Society of Baking. BakingTech is the baking industry’s leading technology conference and exposition.

The Robert A. Fischer Distinguished Service Award Logo

The Robert A. Fischer Distinguished Service Award is an initiative of the American Society of Baking. The award recognizes outstanding service and leadership by an individual to the Society. It is awarded annually and presented during the ASB’s annual BakingTech conference.

Product Development Competition Logo

ASB’s Product Development Competition is an annual opportunity to facilitate the development of innovative bakery products for the wholesale manufacturing industry.