Nicole Plantenis

Nicole Plantenis is a group marketing professional at Middleby Food Processing, Bakery division. She guides marketing-related activities, promotions, and advertisements and is often involved in conceptualization and implementation, making the role imperative for the success and image of the company.

Nicole has been involved in the baking industry for 11 years and 1 year with ASB.

Her very first job in the pizza industry is what attracted Nicole to a career in the baking industry. After experiencing this journey of working for an organization with HUGE opportunities, Nicole chose to become a member of ASB because her company is heavily involved in promoting the latest technologies at ASB events, giving her the chance to explore, learn, create, and develop better performance in her overall career and life. She continues to be involved in society because every time, there are new lessons, experiences, and foremost personal and professional growth. To her, this sounds like a win-win situation.

While passionate about ASB and the baking industry, Nicole enjoys working out, outdoor living, museums, and movie nights with wine and Quinn, her half blue Russian and half queen.