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Pastry Cream

Also known as creme patissiere

What is pastry cream?

Pastry cream is a creamy, rich and flavored thick custard. It is commonly used as a filling in a variety of pastry desserts such as eclairs, cream puffs and boston cream pie cake.

It is essentially a classic vanilla custard sauce with added cornstarch or flour to retard egg coagulation.1

Pastry cream comes in a variety of flavors from vanilla to chocolate and fruit jellies.1 It is commercially available in two forms:

  • Pastry cream powder
  • Ready-to-use pastry cream
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Pastry cream is thought to have originated in France or Italy in the 17th century. The earliest  mention of pastry cream was in a French book by François Massialot called The Royal and Bourgeois Cook (Le Cuisinier Roïal et Bourgeois).

Today, pastry cream is a staple filling for French bakery products like croissants, eclair, mille feuille, among others.


Pastry cream is the most commonly used type of filling in French patisseries due to its rich, creamy texture and the versatility of potential flavor combinations. It can also be used as a filling in pies, particularly in the Boston cream pie.


Typical commercial pastry cream nutritional value:3

Component %
Water 79.58
Carbohydrate 11.88
Protein 5.11
Lipid 3.43

Commercial productionPastry cream can be commercially manufactured through the following process:4

  • Conditioning: water is heated up to 70oC (158 oF). Simultaneously fat is heated and melted at 70 oC (158 oF) in a separate vessel.
  • Liquid mixing: the fat is carefully added to the water while vigorously stirred.
  • Dry mixing: sugar, milk powder and stabilizer are mixed separately.
  • Final mixing: dry mix is added to the liquid mix at 65 oC (149 oF) with continuous stirring until homogeneous.
  • Pasteurization: mix is first preheated to 70oC (158 oF) then temperature is increased to 120oC (248 oF) for 4 seconds.
  • Homogenization: pasteurized mix is cooled to 70oC (158 oF) and homogenized.
  • Packaging: the cream is filled into polygal bags.
  • Final cool down: the bags are cooled first to 15oC (59 oF) and subsequently to 2oC (36 oF).

IngredientsPastry cream is commonly made with the following ingredients:1

  • Milk: whole milk or cream form the fluid phase of the oil-in-water emulsion.
  • Egg yolk: acts as the gelling agent that thickens the mixture.
  • Sugar: imparts sweetness and water holding capacity, and thus stabilization of the product.
  • Vanilla or other flavors: flavoring agents
  • Cornstarch or flour: help in retarding egg coagulation and providing a consistent, rich, and creamy texture.

ApplicationFillings like napoleons, eclairs, cream puffs, cakes, pies and tarts require the use of good quality pastry cream.1Some considerations when making pastry cream:1

  • Carefully temper the eggs via gradual incorporation of heated milk while continuously stirring to avoid lump formation.
  • Once all ingredients are added, bring the mix to a boil for 2 minutes or slightly longer to ensure inactivation of alpha-amylase present in egg yolks that may cause starch breakdown.
  • Strain after cooking to remove any potential lumps or cooked eggs bits.

RegulationsPastry cream doesn’t have a specific FDA regulation, however its core ingredients are considered GRAS.Similarly in the EU, pastry cream doesn’t have a specific regulation and its ingredients are considered safe for consumption.


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