Harold Flynn

Mr. J. Harold Flynn was a man whose humility belied his many professional and personal achievements, which tremendously benefitted the baking industry, and beyond.  He was born in New Haven, Connecticut, on March 11, 1899.  Mr. Flynn went on to study engineering at the Pratt Institute of Technology in Brooklyn, graduating with a degree in mechanical engineering.

Throughout his life, he encouraged others to use their creativity and skills to make positive changes in people’s lives. One way in which he did so was by establishing the Flynn Burner Corporation (Flynn) in 1946.  Flynn develops and manufactures advanced combustion equipment and controls for the application of heat in various complex processes and industries, with particular emphasis in the baking industry.

Mr. Flynn served as President & Chief Executive Officer of Flynn for over 30 years.  As an industrialist who held numerous patents, Harrold Flynn over his career developed burner and combustion technology advancements that are an integral part of thousands of Direct Gas Fired Ovens. It is no exaggeration to say that every day, throughout the world, millions of people benefit from these advancements.

The same dedication, leadership, and hard work that he exhibited daily was not limited to his professional life. His awareness of community needs, and commitment to addressing them, was evident from his volunteer and civic work.  Mr. Flynn was a former director of Barclays Bank, a former governor of the New Rochelle Hospital Medical Center, served as vice president and director of the American Association of Industrial Management, was a member of the New York State Professional Engineers, National Manufacturers Association, U.S Chamber of Commerce and holds an honorary LLD degree from Iona College.

Despite his many achievements, Harold Flynn never sought praise or recognition. He was beloved and admired by family, friends, and professional associates.  Mr. Harold Flynn passed away at Colombia Presbyterian Hospital, Friday January 6, 1978, at the age of 78.  His legacy and leadership qualities he exemplified continues to be maintained by Flynn, and others who were fortunate to know, work with, and learn from, his exemplary life and creative innovative ideas.