Michael Gude

Mr. Gude hails from Hamburg, IA, a small town with deep roots in grain production. He left town for an education in journalism from the University of Missouri, which ultimately lead him back to the industry from which he was raised — one he would dedicate the rest of career to.


With his flair for making friends and his abiding commitment to the baking industry’s many organizations, Mr. Gude far exceeds his role as publisher of beloved industry magazines. He builds legacies. As a colleague remarked, “Mike knows the milling and baking industries and allied suppliers. He knows them, befriends them, helps them make business connections and plays a crucial role in creating the intangible sense of community that is a hallmark of grain-based foods but is a quality that should never be taken for granted.” Mr. Gude has served as president of the Allied Trades of the Baking Industry, chairman of BEMA and treasurer of the Grain Foods Foundation. His professional association with Sosland Publishing Co. has resulted in a number of successful, highly influential publications, including its newest ventures, Food Business News and Food Entrepreneur, among others. He is also active in the Kansas City, Mo., community and deeply involved in his Catholic parish.


The baking industry is fully woven into Mr. Gude’s life. He resides in Kansas City with his wife, just a bike ride away from his office at Sosland. All his children say some of their greatest memories are trips to the annual ABA and BEMA meetings and Wall-Rogalsky pancakes for birthday breakfast. He has passed his love for baking on to his grandkids who continue to share the love of baked goods (mostly crackers and trade show leftovers) with the ducks on the neighborhood pond.