Fred Springer

Fred Springer is the retired President and CEO of Burford Corp. an equipment manufacturing company that sells its product worldwide.

In 1973, Fred Springer started his career in the baking industry with his employment at Burford Corp. A graduate of the University of Oklahoma, he started as Assistant Controller then moved to Controller in 1976 eventually becoming President in 2000.

During Fred’s time at Burford, he was introduced to the baking industry through many long hours in various bakeries working on new prototype products and his travels throughout the world meeting with the sales representatives for Burford equipment.

In 1981, Fred participated in his first International Baking Industry Exposition in Las Vegas. This is when he decided he had to do more for the company to grow and be involved more actively in the industry. Fred became a member of the Mid-West Allied Trades, the Texas Allied Trades Association, BEMA, ASB, Privy Council, and the Wild Yeast Organization.

“Make something happen” was his slogan, as his employees heard very often as well as those he worked with in the various associations. Fred eventually became Co-Chair of BEMA TECH 99, Chairman of the Board of BEMA 2001-2002, President of the Allied Trades of the Baking Industry 2001-2003, Chairman of the Board of the American Institute of Baking 2008-2010, IBIE Committee Member 2013-2019, Committee member of the Baking Hall of Fame, and served two terms on the Board of the American Bakers Association.

Fred received the Robert A. Fischer Distinguished Service Award in 2013 and the BEMA Lifetime Achievement Award 2018.

Fred says his success in the industry could not have happened without the support of his family, wife Debbie, son Ryan and daughter Sacha. Or, without the dedicated employees of Burford Corporation who worked tirelessly to develop some of the most innovative products in the industry.