Lorenzo Servitje
Roberto Servitje

Lorenzo and Roberto Servitje

Empowered with the work philosophy “Believe – Create” Lorenzo and Roberto Servitje, began Panificacion Bimbo in December 1945 in Mexico City. Their goal, to bring good nutritious loaf bread, produced under sanitary conditions and baked to perfection, to their countrymen. Their challenge, the availability of machinery and vehicles in post-war Mexico, altering the eating habits of the indigenous population and the absence of an organized baking industry for support.

Under the leadership of Lorenzo and Roberto, Grupo Bimbo now exceeds $5 billion in sales. Bakery products are delivered using over thirty-two thousand sales routes to 1.7 million sales locations, traveling daily the equivalent of more than 45 times the circumference of the earth. They currently have 75 baking plants and three trading companies located in 17 countries with a workforce of 85,000.

Through innovation and an unending entrepreneurial spirit, Grupo Bimbo has developed one of the most extensive food products distribution networks in the world.


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