Dora Schwebel

Dora Schwebel

In 1906, immigrants Joseph and Dora Schwebel began baking 40 loaves of read per day, selling door to door to their neighbors in Campbell, Ohio.  In a few short years, they were serving a growing number of mom and pop stores by horse and buggy.  By 1923 they opened a small bakery that baked 1,000 loaves a day and had six delivery trucks on the road.

In 1928 Joseph Schwebel died suddenly leaving Dora with six children to raise and a bakery to run.   Many advised her to sell the business, but Dora was equal to the challenge.   She guided Schwebel Baking Company through the stock market crash and the Great Depression, while at the same time doubling sales and helping feed those in need.

Throughout the 1930’s and 1940’s Schwebel’s continued to flourish, building a brand new bakery in 1936 and expanding again in 1938 and 1941.  Ten years later Dora opened “The Million-Dollar-Bakery” making Schwebel’s bread a family favorite in the towns and cities around Youngstown.

Dora died in 1964.   More than a century after her partnership with Joseph began, Dora’s legacy lives on through her family’s pride in every product baked and every customer served.


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