Louys Rumsey

Louys Rumsey

Driven by his passion for the science of baking and his realization of the need to educate future baking executives, Dr. Louys A. Rumsey worked to establish the Baking Science and Management Degree Program at Florida State University in 1951, where students would learn not only the science and technology of baking, but also the management aspect of running a business.  After 14 years at FSU, the program was moved to Kansas State University where it continues to provide quality education in all aspects of baking science, engineering, sales and business management.

Rumsey received a MS degree in Chemistry from Denison University in 1913 and a Ph.D in Cereal Technology from University of Minnesota in 1922. During this time he developed what are now standard method for determining diastatic enzyme activity and sugar values in wheat, flours and dough.

Rumsey held positions as Director of Research at American Institute of Baking, working to rebuild the organization’s School of Baking, Campaign Director for the Wheat Council of the U.S., where he organized and directed the national campaign “Make Toast Your Breakfast Food” and served in various capacities with W.E. Long for 20 years.

Rumsey was a mentor and friend to hundreds of students during his lifetime.  He was an inventor, a visionary, a marketer and a true ambassador for the baking industry.


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