M. Rella Dwyer

M. Rella Dwyer

During her 44 year career, Rella Dwyer has made significant and measurable contributions to the baking industry. With a degree in Home Economics from Mundelein College, which was common for women graduating college in the 50’s and 60’s, Rella was off and running, taking that knowledge and pioneering the way for women in the field of baking science as well as in senior management within the baking industry.

As the ABA Food Technical Regulatory Affairs Chair (FTRAC) for over 20 years, Rella lead the internationally recognized industry committee to critical consensus positions on key legislative and regulatory policies impacting food labeling, food safety, nutrition and biotechnology.

Additonally, Rella was a longtime chair of the ASB Scientific Advisory Committee, a session chair, and often a featured speaker who provided critical and timely technical updates at annual membership meetings. In the AACC International, Rella served as the Chair of the Milling and Baking Division, receiving multiple awards, and had a scholarship award for undergraduate students in the field of milling and baking science named in her honor.

As a mentor, Rella has always been willing to share and teach others about technical and scientific issues impacting the industry. A founding member of the Society of Bakery Women, Rella enjoyed mentoring colleagues and encouraging students, inspiring them to enter and excel in a technical field traditionally dominated by men.

Rella retired after 44 years of service with The Long Company, where their Product Quality Trophies are named in her honor. After a career filled with honors and distinctions, it’s clear that Rella has truly left her mark and raised the bar for service and leadership in the technical arena of the baking industry.


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