Sterrett P. (Red) Campbell

Sterrett P. (Red) Campbell

Sterrett Campbell originated the design and manufacture of truly revolutionary equipment for the baking industry. He was the founder of two equipment companies and the holder of several dozen-milestone patents that revolutionized high speed bread and roll production.

He was a pioneer in dough movement and an innovator in extrusion technology, developing equipment for extrusion dividing of dough for bread and buns, and many important inventions of equipment for the baking industry.

From dough pumps and extruders to dough conveyors and more, he was known for working alongside bakers to make needed improvements to processing equipment, and for making many process innovations that are still the standard in the industry today. His secret was two three-letter words, “why” and “why not?” Ultimately it was the baker’s who took a chance and put his ideas into service, that were the secret to his success.

Such innovations as the RDD Extrusion Bread Divider, Plastic Rounder Bars, Continuous Magnetic Pan Indexer, Twin Screw Dough Pumps, Rotary Timing Gate for Zig-Zags, SS K Heads, UHMW Moulder Boards, Vertical dough conveyors and the 8 Pocket High Speed Bun Divider, are among his noted contributions to the baking industry.

In general, almost every high-speed pan bread/bun line in the world has some aspect of Sterrett’s inventions in them. It is clear that his innovative ideas and designs will continue to have an impact on the baking industry for years to come.


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