Charles Burford

Charles Burford

The Burford name first became famous through Charles’ father Earl. During WWII, while labor was in short supply, Earl is credited with developing many labor saving devices for the farming industry. His Automatic Wire Tying Hay Baler, would later act as the inspiration for the Burford Twist Tie Machine.

With the help of his son Charles, the Burford’s scaled down the machine to make closing poly bread bags more efficient, thereby increasing product life and making it possible to deliver a reclosable product to the consumer. The Burford’s and the Twist Tie Machine have been synonymous with the baking industry ever since.

Today the Burford Corporation holds numerous patents for machinery and produces an entire line of bakery equipment. Their focus on serving the unique needs of individual bakeries creates effective and efficient machines that provide the labor and material savings that bakeries strive for.

Burford’s other notable contributions to the baking industry include the Burford Hydraplate Bread Pan Oiler, the Burford Rotary Seeder, the Burford Pan Shaker, Burford’s Butter Applicator and the Burford Pattern Cross Splitter, and Pattern Cross Splitter.

Charles Burford is honored for his many contributions to the industry and for his focus on making a good piece of equipment that did the job well. He has played a vital role in the long-term development of the baking industry, and will continue to be a fixture in commercial baking.


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