Torahiko Hayashi

Torahiko Hayashi

Torahiko Hayashi has been committed to providing the world with traditional, high quality confections since he opened a Japanese confectionary store at the age of 26. Torahiko founded Rheon Automatic Machinery Ltd in 1963. Our company name, Rheon is derived from the concept of Rheology. Rheology is the study of the flow and deformation of matter and Rheological Engineering is the shaping of the food by skillfully controlling the viscosity and elasticity to maintain the delicate texture of food while locking in the taste and aroma inside.

Torahiko Hayashi used Rheological Engineer to develop the world’s first encrusting machine after 10 years of study in 1961. The first encrusting machine enabled the skillful, accurate and high speed production of ethnic products from around the world. This brought worldwide attention to Rheological Engineering as a new field of study.

Applying Rheological Engineering, Torahiko Hayashi was able to revolutionize the field of bread making. Rheon invented in late 1970, the process of making a wide variety of breads and pastries from around the world from a sheeted dough utilizing the Stree Free Stretcher. From this sheeted technology Rheon introduced to the world the first complete Stree Free System for Artisan Breads in 1997 at the IBIE Bakery in Las Vegas, Nevada. From its founding, Rheon has been named in 2,765 patents and has shipped equipment to over 112 countries.

As a true pioneer in the field, Rheon’s technology has had immense effects on the global food industry. Food Culture, created through the wisdom of mankind is one of the greatest treasures for the Earth. Preserving and fostering this growth is one of the most important missions of todays engineers and scientists. Rheon remains committed to sustain the “Rheon Spirit” by continuously striving for finer tastes.


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