The American Society of Baking is a community of baking industry professionals who have joined together to provide continuing education, networking opportunities and professional development. The members include commercial bakers, engineers, food technologists and the suppliers of equipment, ingredients, and services in the grain-based food industry.

Colleagues share knowledge, encourage and promote skill development and create resources that advance the industry and its workforce.

The Society’s mission is to facilitate this interaction by promoting personal growth and professional development through education and collaboration. It is through the interactions and contributions of our members that we foster mutually meaningful business relationships.

Our education process is accomplished through the presentation of technical papers at our Annual Conference and MarketPlace, which is held the first week of March in Chicago.

Mission & Vision Statements

The United States commercial baking industry employs nearly 330,000 people with industry revenues estimated at nearly $97 billion annually. There are over 600 U.S. baking plants that produce fresh and frozen commercial products daily for retail, foodservice and restaurant consumption. The American Society of Baking (ASB), formerly known as the American Society of Bakery Engineers, is a professional society comprised of members who are either engaged in, involved with, or interested in wholesale or large-scale bakery production, grain science, engineering, research, quality assurance and food safety.

ASB was founded in 1924 and is international in scope, with representation in over 43 other countries and over 1,400 members.

ASB Mission Statement

The American Society of Baking brings together individuals in the grain-based food industry for professional development, recognition, education and leadership.

ASB Vision Statement

To create an environment for educating, communicating, and sharing knowledge for the enhancement of our members and the industry we serve.

Creed of the Bakery Engineer 1924

As a member of the American Society of Baking it is my desire and privilege:
  • To live the ideals of fellowship, inspiration, and education which prompted the forming of this organization.
  • To further the interest and progress of the baking industry in whatever way a greater service may thereby be rendered to society.
  • To be broad and free with the exchange of ideas and information among fellow engineers.
  • To promote and practice cleanliness in its highest principles; not alone cleanliness of person, shop and equipment, but also of mind and habit.
  • To ever alert to the advancement of the science of baking.
  • To foster study and knowledge among those engaged with me in the manufacture of bakery foods, realizing always that in the enhancement of our profession in the public esteem each individual contributes an important part.
  • To assist a fellow Engineer at any time in his problems, upholding in word and deed the substance of the Engineers’ Creed and Golden Rule “All Things Whatsoever Ye Would That Men Should Do Unto You, Do Ye Even Unto Them.”
  • To follow this simple Creed in heart and mind, being ever aware of the responsibility that falls upon me as a producer of one of, if not the most important of all foods, and to do honor the ancient and honorable profession of Baking. 

About BakingTECH

BakingTech is the baking industry’s leading technology conference and exposition. ASB’s annual conference offers technical solutions, insight and experience. Over 1,000 baking professionals participate in a number of venues where knowledge and information is shared.

Attend 30 innovative technical presentations. Meet with over 200 equipment and ingredient suppliers. Participate in professional workshops and luncheons. Attend the Leadership Discussion where you can hear it first from the experts.