American Society of Baking Launches BAKERpedia Content Exclusively to Members as Part of the New Education Hub

CARMEL, IND., January 29, 2024 – The American Society of Baking (ASB) is excited to unveil the integration of BAKERpedia’s extensive online encyclopedia, which contains over 700 pages of commercial baking resources, now exclusively available to ASB members as part of their commitment to support growth and innovation in the baking industry.  

BAKERpedia, a multi-media resource known for its comprehensive and accessible knowledge, has generously gifted ASB its collection of articles covering essential commercial baking ingredients, processes, formulas, management tips, and how-to guides.  

This new initiative comes at a pivotal time in a new era of ASB who recently launched their Education Hub to cultivate educational and professional development resources for the industry. ASB members can now expand their baking knowledge through a new online learning center that hosts training courses, on-demand webinars, historical technical bulletins, and the BAKERpedia resource.  

Ash Gurney, chair of ASB’s Education Committee, believes, “The baking industry has recognized its void of training options for frontline team members, and ASB has specifically designed this inaugural education program to this. It will provide foundational knowledge to support the industry, as well as individual career development. We are excited and proud to adopt this task as part of our knowledge sharing and learning mantra.” 

 “What we have initiated is a wonderful example of industry member collaboration and ASB management coming together in support of our industry’s future,” – Ash Gurney 

BAKERpedia’s dedication to educating the baking community is showcased in the online encyclopedia, which has become a trusted industry resource evidenced by its 2 million pageviews each year. Through this partnership, both platforms will have extended impact and visibility in their goal of growing a shared-knowledge community that fosters innovation and collaboration.  

“BAKERpedia has been the leading technical resource. Over the last decade, we have leveled the innovation playing field for start-ups and baking companies by providing accessibility to crucial technical baking information,” remarked Dr. Lin Carson, BAKERpedia ‘s CEO and Founder. “By working with ASB, we look forward to bringing these readers into a membership that would help their businesses thrive, seeing ASB grow and becoming technical partners in their training program.” 

By hosting BAKERpedia’s online encyclopedia, ASB is offering its members access to valuable research-based materials, enhancing their professional development, knowledge, and expertise in the field of baking.  

“The strategic focus on delivering quality educational resources, which will add new value for ASB members with workforce development and training, is significantly enhanced with the BAKERpedia content,” said Kristen L. Spriggs, ASB executive director. “This compendium of baking terms and technical definitions will serve as our foundation for building out our new hands-on and virtual training, certifications, and micro-learning opportunities to support the needs of the commercial baking industry.” 

“We couldn’t be more excited about what’s planned with our new Education Hub. Since day one of this project, our board had a vision of what is needed, and we are finally developing it with guidance and expertise from ASB members.” – Kristen L. Spriggs 

A variety of ASB membership levels will give visitors unlimited access to the online encyclopedia. Members can stay up to date on industry trends and best practices, in addition to enjoying the networking and community benefits of ASB. For 100 years, the Society has served the baking industry with a full range of growth opportunities. Their network of bakers, engineers, service providers, food technologists and equipment/ingredient suppliers reach all corners of the industry, and ASB invites baking professionals worldwide to explore this resource. 

“I am extremely excited for the new educational offerings at ASB. The team has listened to industry feedback, and the Society recognizes the need to attract, retain and develop talent,” remarked Xochitl Cruz, ASB Board Member and VP of Sweet Baked Goods Operations at Bimbo Bakeries, USA. 

“The American Society of Baking is a hub for the industry, connecting individuals from all levels, product categories, and backgrounds for continued growth. As we launch our new Education Hub, I see it as truly the most fitting responsibility of the Society to provide this resource.” says Brittny Ohr, ASB Board Member, emphasizing the Society’s commitment to facilitating growth and knowledge sharing with the new BAKERpedia resource. 

For more information about ASB’s integration of BAKERpedia’s online encyclopedia and membership benefits, please visit or sign up for our informational webinar on 3/12/24.