New Approach to Baking Certification and Training Launches

Tuesday, August 30, 2022 – The American Society of Baking (ASB) is pleased to announce the launch of its new online Training Center with 10 Bread Production Certificate courses. These digitally-driven courses are designed to provide the commercial baking industry with streamlined, contemporary delivery methods and up-to-date training content.


This new, state-of-the-art, digital platform will be powered by BAKERpedia, the commercial baking industry’s trusted digital resource for technical and scientific baking information. The courses provide an easy and streamlined way to upskill bakery employees in a compact amount of time. Each module takes approximately 30 minutes to complete; the entire certificate series can be completed in half a day, or at the learner’s own pace, so new employees can be trained thoroughly and quickly.


“The BAKERpedia/American Society of Baking certified training courses for Bread Production are not just a rehashing of decades old courses which have become irrelevant, but are instead a fresh and innovative approach to providing baking professionals with the information and training they need to be competitive in today’s wholesale baking industry,” Kent Van Amburg, ASB’s Executive Director, said.


ASB’s Bread Production Certificate courses cover all of the basics of bread production, from wheat and yeast to proofing and packaging. When used as part of employee onboarding, this current and accessible content will prepare new hires for the production line in hours, not weeks. For current employees, the courses can be used to prepare for career advancement.

“The BAKERpedia/American Society of Baking certified training courses for Bread Production represent a dynamic shift in the way bakery training and learning will be conducted in the future. It dives into the fundamentals of bread production with key emphasis on ingredient functionality, process controls, shelf life extension and quality control programs. It addresses the need for quick knowledge in small bite size modules. Companies no longer have the time to send employees to external training sites, they need instant, in-the-moment training that can be instantly leveraged for immediate returns and efficiencies in output,” Dr. Lin Carson, CEO of BAKERpedia noted.

These courses are scheduled to launch in September, just in time for the upcoming International Baking Industry Exposition in Las Vegas. Courses will be available for purchase at the show (ASB Booth #1255). 


About ASB

The American Society of Baking is a community of baking industry professionals who have joined together to provide continuing education, networking opportunities and professional development. The members include commercial bakers, engineers, food technologists and the suppliers of equipment, ingredients, and services in the grain-based food industry.


Colleagues share knowledge, encourage and promote skill development and create resources that advance the industry and its workforce. The Society’s mission is to facilitate this interaction by promoting personal growth and professional development through education and collaboration. It is through the interactions and contributions of our members that we foster mutually meaningful business relationships.


About BAKERpedia

BAKERpedia is the central resource for the global baking industry.  Founded in 2014, BAKERpedia offers technical information and cutting-edge solutions for professional baking and food production.  From ingredient technology and food safety, to baking process best practices, BAKERpedia is breaking new ground though omni-channel digital solutions.