August Regional Meet-Up: Bee to Bakery

Wednesday, August 28, 2024
2:00 PM – 6:00 PM (CT)*
*Subject to change

Chicago, IL

$15/ticket (members)
$25/ticket (non-members)

During this meetup, you’ll learn about honey bees, honey’s chemical composition and its impact on made-with-honey formulas before a honey-themed happy hour.


From the honey bee to your bakery, this educational session traces honey’s origins and uses in baking as a flavor, functional ingredient and marketing tool.


Alison Conklin, Ingredient Marketing, National Honey Board — Alison joined the National Honey Board’s Ingredient Marketing Team in 2016. She enjoys her time traveling the country educating food and beverage manufacturers about using honey and is always ready to conduct a honey tasting or talk about her favorite furry little friends, honey bees. Before working for the National Honey Board, Alison worked in public relations and marketing, but she finds that talking about honey is a pretty sweet gig.

Keith Seiz, Ingredient Marketing, National Honey Board —For the last 25 years, Keith has been immersed in the food and beverage industries, first as a journalist covering commercial bakery trends and today as an ingredient marketing expert for the National Honey Board. In his current role, Keith spends most of his year traveling the country talking to distillers, brewers, bakers and food manufacturers about how to make better products with honey. It’s his passion, and one that has him working with companies ranging from craft breweries to global food brands.

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Who can attend:
Pass this invite to colleagues and friends, all are welcome!

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Your registration includes educational session followed by networking reception.

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