John Hinds

John Hinds is currently serving as the Operations Manager at Cain Food Industries directing the Innovation, Procurement and Logistics teams while fostering inter-departmental teamwork and spearheading major process improvement projects. He previously served as the Innovation Center Manager at Cain Food where he oversaw the product portfolio and lead new product development. John has also held positions in production management and laboratory research. He serves on the board of the Bakers National Education Foundation and is the committee chair for the BNEF presentations committee.

John has been involved in the commercial baking industry for the last 12 years and is passionate about spreading awareness of the commercial baking industry and the opportunities given to him after graduating from the K-State Bakery Science program. EMAW!

John is an enthusiastic baker, maintains his own sourdough, and enjoys working with his hands. He is a native Texan and appreciates being active, playing soccer, golf, and anything else competitive. He spends most of his time away from work with his wife and two girls.