Helpful Hints:
Making the Most of Your Virtual Experience

As “virtual” becomes the new-norm, there are several factors that can help enhance an attendee’s overall experience during a digital event. 

To make the most of your ASB Virtual Networking Events participation, staff has created the following helpful hints:

  • For optimal performance, connect to a hardwire or wired connection.  You’re cutting off the “middleman” wireless router and obtaining the speed directly from the source.
  • Is a hardwire connection not an option?  Then be sure to sit as close to your wireless router as possible.  The further away you are from the router the less signal strength you’re receiving
  • Turn off any other devices that will strain wi-fi bandwidth.  Cell phones, iPads, playstation, etc…
  • Test your internet speed prior to the event (10 mpbs upload/download recommended –
  • Close any unnecessary applications on your computer.