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Pullman Loaf

What is a pullman loaf?

A pullman loaf is bread frequently used for sandwiches. It is a four-square loaf that has a delicate texture, fine crumb, and good flavor. It is made in a special pan with a sliding lid at the top that keeps the bread in a desired shape as it bakes.

The French term is pain de mie, which means white sandwich bread.


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The Pullman Railway Company invented the lid for the pullman loaf pan. They chose the style to improve their storage space. The lid  ensures that the top of the bread is identical to the other three sides, so more of those loaves could be stacked efficiently in a tight space. However, there is evidence that bread baked in square tin pan existed long before both railroads and the Pullman company in Europe in the early 18th century.1  

How is a pullman loaf made?

The typical ingredients for pullman loaf are water, white wheat flour, sugar, salt and oil. The process is typical of any bread systems which comprises of mixing, proofing and baking. The only difference is that the pullman loaf pan uses a lid during proofing and baking. Due to the lid, the pullman loaf is firm, close-grained, evenly rectangular and moist. And the crust exists merely as a thin covering.


Pullman loaves are baked in France specifically for various culinary uses  like croutons, bread crumbs, sandwich breads, canapes, or for toast served with tea. In the United States, many popular mass-produced sliced breads are actually pullman loaves.

FDA Regulation

Some non-stick cookware has perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), which can cause cancer.2 FDA is planning to ban its usage.3


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