Display Rules

Table Top Displays

Permitted on the table top are educational literature; samples of ingredients, additives, or food products; sales premiums, souvenirs, handouts, etc.; displays that fit on the top of the table, NOT TO EXCEED 36 inches in height above the table, and computer/DVD/video equipment.  All food and ingredient samples are for display purposes only and NOT for attendee consumption.  All equipment and displays must fit on the table top, which is 8’x30″, and not exceed 36 inches above the table.  No materials are to be placed behind, aside, or in front of the table.

Not permitted at the table top are free standing displays; displays that are higher than 36 inches above the table or obstruct the view of adjoining exhibits; any materials placed behind, aside or in front of table; and mechanical, electrical or other devices, which produce sounds that prove disturbing to other exhibitors.

Food Product Display Policy

Exhibitors may display food and ingredient samples during the MarketPlace hours.  If an exhibitor wishes to provide samples for attendee consumption, the samples must be bite size and pre-packaged by the FDA guidelines and labeling standards.  Distribution of food in plastic bags (ie. zip lock bags) is NOT allowed.  Samples should be able to withstand not being refrigerated or frozen as these items will not be made available to exhibitors.