100-year Celebration Kicks Off

CARMEL, Ind., May 31, 2023 — In a letter to the membership and its industry partners, ASB kicks off its 100-year anniversary celebration on June 1st, 2023. Executive Director Kristen L. Spriggs shared insights about the ASB’s Board of Directors work to advance the organization while holding true to the original tenets of the bakers’ creed that was established when the organization was founded in 1924.

“Today my daughter and I unpacked ASB hardbound annual meeting proceedings dating back to 1939 and carefully organized them on my bookshelves. It was her first day of summer break and she wanted to work alongside me in my office in Carmel, Indiana – our new headquarters for ASB operations. She noticed gaps in certain years, like 1945, and asked me why. I wondered if ASB had an annual meeting that year given it was at the height of WWII or if I was simply missing one edition of our historical proceedings… this question is one of the many I find myself asking as I learn about our rich history and deep traditions at ASB. I’m so curious to understand our stories. Your stories. Our shared experiences.

We are kicking off our 100-year Anniversary Celebration on June 1st. ASB was founded by a dedicated group of bakers, or bakery engineers as we called them back in 1924, and the creed they developed then contains tenets we still value today. Our celebratory logo mark reflects the time-honored traditions of baking with an eye to the future using bright, fresh, and modern design elements to inspire our next generation of baking enthusiasts.

First, as I share this hundred-year-hello with you, we are excited to begin announcing several of our plans that have been in development since January when the ASB Leadership met to consider new ideas for the Society’s future.

The Creed from 1924 could be interpreted for a more eloquent version of our 2023-2024 Business Plan or the minutes from our recent Strategic Planning Task Force meeting. We are still focused on fellowship and exchange of ideas. And we’ve recognized we must refocus on needs like education and the science of baking. Our new fiscal year plans will reveal progress toward these goals very soon.

And, finally, to engage in service to our industry as the creed says, ‘Each individual contributes an important part.’ We are hard at work collaborating with our association industry partners to develop new-and-innovative ways to meet your evolving needs. Much more to come as we finalize dates, locations, and initiatives to serve you. If you’d like to volunteer and get involved, we’d love for you to join us by signing up here.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead this remarkable Society and serve you in your honorable work.”


Creed of the Bakery Engineer 1924


As a member of the American Society of Baking it is my desire and privilege:


  • To live the ideals of fellowship, inspiration, and education which prompted the forming of this organization.


  • To further the interest and progress of the baking industry in whatever way a greater service may thereby be rendered to society.


  • To be broad and free with the exchange of ideas and information among fellow engineers.


  • To promote and practice cleanliness in its highest principles; not alone cleanliness of person, shop and equipment, but also of mind and habit.


  • To ever alert to the advancement of the science of baking.


  • To foster study and knowledge among those engaged with me in the manufacture of bakery foods, realizing always that in the enhancement of our profession in the public esteem each individual contributes an important part.


  • To assist a fellow Engineer at any time in his problems, upholding in word and deed the substance of the Engineers’ Creed and Golden Rule “All Things Whatsoever Ye Would That Men Should Do Unto You, Do Ye Even Unto Them.”


  • To follow this simple Creed in heart and mind, being ever aware of the responsibility that falls upon me as a producer of one of, if not the most important of all foods, and to do honor the ancient and honorable profession of Baking.