ASB Launches Refreshed Branding

By Annie Hollon

CARMEL, IN, July 3, 2024 — In its centennial anniversary year, American Society of Baking (ASB) has unveiled a new look, complete with a fresh logo and according to the association, was revamped to “carry on a century of evolution.”

“On the heels of ASB’s 100-year anniversary, the ASB board reflected on the organization’s legacy and its core values,” said Xochitl Cruz, 2024-2025 board chair of ASB. “This thoughtful and collaborative effort highlighted our need to evolve, just as the baking industry is. Our goal is to maintain relevance and grow membership reach in the baking industry while driving innovation and inclusivity. Everything we do will be in the spirit of the organization and its founding principles.”

The new ASB logo retains the gold and blue from its previous iteration but no longer has the wheat stalks poking out of the top. Instead, this variation condenses the logo, lowercasing the association name below the abbreviation and deepening the brand colors.

“Our fresh visual identity is aligned with the rapid change our industry is experiencing and supports our objective to retain and attract new membership,” Cruz continued. “ASB is creating a culture based on knowledge and collaboration, with new offerings including enhanced certified training and mentoring programs opportunities. We are thrilled about the reboot of ASB, and we look forward to continued growth, development and success.”

ASB noted that the new hues and circle motifs symbolize its commitment to embracing an array of professionals in the commercial baking industry. The rebrand also defines ASB’s core messaging to its main audiences: bakery professionals, production suppliers, young professionals and student bakers.

“ASB’s strategic plan will follow industry trends and demands to deliver value and serve the baking industry,” Cruz said. “Our new messaging to convey our plan with the baking industry will be powered by our core values: Innovative, Knowledgeable, Collaborative, Community and Focused. These values led to the creation of our mission: To deliver education and training, share technical resources, and foster connections for the advancement of the baking industry. This mission showcases ASB’s purpose and the value proposition we are offering to membership as we implement our strategic plan.”

The association also updated its sub-brand logos for events, competitions and awards/recognitions such as the Rising Baker Award and the Baking Hall of Fame.