Dr. Jacinthe Côté

Doctor Jacinthe Côté is Director Lallemand Baking Product Management Innovation. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Science and a Master’s degree in Food Science from McGill University. In 2011, Dr. Côté completed her Ph.D. in Biology at the INRS Institute Armand – Frappier after researching the effects of juice processing on the recovery yield and preservation of cranberry bioactive compounds and properties. Throughout her career, Dr. Côté has developed a varied and comprehensive experience in food manufacturing, biotechnology and nutrition, working in clinical nutrition as a registered dietitian, in quality assurance, in technical support, research and development, communication and marketing. Besides her extensive work experience, Dr. Côté is the author of several scientific papers and of the nutrition guide “Desobesité”, published in 2005. In addition, for many years she wrote weekly columns.



Clean Label Solutions for Freezer-to-Oven Baked Goods
Wednesday, March 2, 2022
10:25 am – 11:00 am