Keynote Presentation: How Grupo Bimbo is facing the Future with Innovation

Innovation is a fundamental part when developing new products, but also in ongoing process improvements to make this planet a better place. At Grupo Bimbo, we are committed to work for a better tomorrow with actions today by developing initiatives that allow us to continue building a sustainable, highly productive and deeply humane company. We are investing in the wellbeing of future generations, through technology and innovation, involving our entire value chain to give the best of ourselves.

At Grupo Bimbo we want to provide a risk-free work environment that ensures the physical safety of our associates and fosters wholesome lifestyles. To protect our associates during COVID19, we worked on a variety of actions and protocols to prevent its spread.

Grupo Bimbo is committed to the planet, which we reiterate by efficiently using resources and enhancing all aspects of the value chain and including the responsibility of creating economic, social and environmental value within all our strategic business decisions. Our three pillars are: bake for you, bake for nature, and bake for life.

We work very closely and efficiently with farmers and suppliers. For this reason we have established valuable internal and external alliances throughout our supply chain, from our suppliers and distributors to our customers and consumers. Sustainable agriculture is one of our driving forces as a company, and therefore we work with strategic suppliers. We are working on programs and alliances in different geographies to minimize the social and environmental risked linked to agricultural supplies, and also on promoting best practices for sustainable agriculture.

Innovation is not just a process to launch new products but is also a transformation process to deliver value to our consumers. Innovation has always been a priority for Grupo Bimbo. We need to adapt, be more agile, innovate to anticipate trends and react faster to the changing needs of our consumers.

The presentation will bring together innovation initiatives that Grupo Bimbo has been committed to and allow us to continue nourishing a better world.

Javier Gonzalez, Grupo Bimbo


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