ReToast by University of Minnesota

ReToast is a story about trash to cash, determined to unlock the potential value in food waste streams. It is a chemically leavened, hard-cookie snack product resembling the shape of a miniature slice of toast. The main ingredient of the cookie is a custom upcycled flour blend, this blend consists of 36.4% brewers spent grain flour (14.8% Kernza® and 21.6% barley) and 63.6% surplus toasted bread scrap flour. The concept of ReToast underlines two major values, that is, sustainability and health as the product contains 30% upcycled ingredients such as spent whole grains that have been found to increase fiber and protein content in baked goods.

Team: University of Minnesota
Radhika Bharathi, Team Captain
Steven Cak
Sonali Raghunath
Brigitta Yaputri


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