Young Professionals Educational Session: Developing Your Own Personal Brand

This presentation will provide attendees with the tools to define a Personal Brand and understand the relevance and importance of having and maintaining their own Personal Brand.  Although individuals work for a business and that business may work for or with other businesses, it is people working with people that make business relationships valuable. A Personal Brand will add value to your business relationships resulting in overall greater individual as well as business success.

There are several benefits to a strong Personal Brand that range from self-awareness to leadership potential.  However the greatest advantage of a Personal Brand is differentiation and distinction providing the ability to separate you from others.

The development, appropriate use and maintenance of a Personal Brand will be discussed using personal examples and real life situations.

After this presentation, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize a Personal Brand
  • Develop his/her individual Personal Brand
  • Implement appropriate and effective use of the Personal Brand


Lisa Turano, Turano Baking Company

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