Mario Guadalupe

Mario Guadalupe-Daqui, is a Food Science PhD candidate at the University of Florida (UF) studying about yeast fermentation and working under Dr. Andrew MacIntosh supervision. Mario is from Ecuador, where got his bachelor’s degree in Food Engineering. His career had been defined by a constant work in the food industry and academia. He is researching on the barometric modification of yeast fermentation and currently, he is advocated to explain the mechanism of vacuum fermentation while fulfilling his duties as the lead Teaching Assistant of food processing and engineering. Mario the team captain of UF at the American Society of Baking Product Development competition 2020 along with other graduate students, getting the second place. He also serves as a student representative of the IFT Education, Extension and Outreach division and the IFT Florida section. Mario will join General Mills as a R&D Scientist II in the Summer of 2021.



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