Victor Cedeño

Victor Cedeño was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, where he grew up before moving to Colombia to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the Universidad de La Sabana, obtained in 2017. After graduation, Victor worked in chocolate maker and was later awarded a scholarship to pursue a Master’s in Food Science at the University of Florida (UF), graduating in December 2020. Victor worked under Dr. Andrew MacIntosh in the Food Processing laboratory, studying the thermomechanical characteristics of High Oleic Palm Oil (HOPO) and how this can be used as a novel ingredient in food products.  Victor has volunteered for the FSHN Department activities and IFT Florida Suppliers Night. Beside this, he has a strong interest in sustainability, participating in the Future of Food Forum at UF, and in food innovation as a member of the team that represented UF in the American Baking Society’s national product development competition in Chicago, IL.



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