The Future of Bread & Meeting the Dietary Demands of Today’s Consumer

Mintel reports (September 2021): 64% of U.S. adults were eating less bread than a year ago to cut down on carbs, and nearly one in five bread shoppers say they look for low or reduced-carb options.Today’s consumer is demanding all food brands to meet their dietary needs, whether that be high protein, low or reduced sugar, clean label (organic and non-GMO), vegan/vegetarian, no preservatives, etc. The consumer is more informed than ever before and seeks out healthier products to fit their lifestyle. Unfortunately, of all food categories, bread has taken the biggest hit as evidence by the statistic above (64% of adults avoid eating bread).However, fortunately, we have all the ingredients we need to produce breads that meet the consumer’s needs.Now, it’s just a matter of bakers learning about these ingredients and how to use them to craft recipes

Learning Objectives

  1. Lean about new, innovative ingredients
  2. Current diet trends and future trends amongst Millennials and Gen Z
  3. How to use these new ingredients to make bread products that are delicious, but also meet the dietary needs of today’s consumer

Session Information
360 Panel: Today’s Consumer
Wednesday, March 1, 2023
1:30pm – 2:15pm

Jerrod Adkins, UnbelievaBread, LLC