Building Your Community: Building Your Brand

Building a brand takes more than just great baking. By using the full resources behind your business to engage with your community, your brand has limitless potential.

Building community doesn’t require a huge budget. Effectively using basic social media principals, you can engage a national audience to get behind your brand.

This session will outline different approaches to creating positive disruptions to draw attention to your brand. This can be as simple as creating a unique doughnut or as complex as launching a community 5K. It’s important to search for parallel opportunities and be nimble when thinking about the future of your brand.

Sometimes giving a little will get a whole lot back. Understand how goodwill can impact your potential for sales. Maybe you create sports club or team to represent your brand, partner with a local charity or host a school fundraiser. You may have to give away some of your profits now but they will come back 10 fold in the future.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Effectively use social media to engage your community
  2. Consider different approaches to create positive disruptions and draw attention to your brand
  3. Understand how goodwill can impact your potential for sales

Rachel Wyman, Montclair Bread, LLC

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