IoT, Automation, and the Future of Food Safety

Emerging Technologies are being incorporated into the daily operations of food and beverage manufacturing in order to increase efficiency and reduce the costs associated with human error and recalls. These advances in technology yield automated solutions that are changing plant operations and adding transparency at a corporate level that was previously not possible. We will explore how IoT devices such as environmental sensors can automate food safety functions and inform food safety and sanitation programs. We will also review the challenges and growing pains that incorporating these technologies creates for production teams.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the impact of automation and emerging technologies that are affecting food safety and sanitation efforts.
  2. Determine how automation can successfully mitigate risks and help food and beverage manufactures continuously improve.
  3. Explain what we can expect from food safety technologies in the future at both a facility level and a corporate level.

Robert Burgh, Nexcor Technologies

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