Blockchain: The Facts & Fiction Surrounding an Emerging Technology

Blockchain is emerging technology that promises a way for companies to transact with each other and move assets around the world in a secure and transparent manner. Recently, there has been a massive surge of investment and research to see how blockchain might impact organizations of all kinds, including those within the food industry.

As the leading SaaS provider of traceability, food safety and supply chain transparency solutions, FoodLogiQ has provided perspective to supply chain stakeholders on the facts and fiction surrounding this technology. In June 2018, FoodLogiQ launched a blockchain research initiative through its innovation arm, FoodLogiQ Labs, with some of the biggest names in the food industry to evaluate the opportunities and challenges of blockchain and to see if the technology would actually benefit customers. The results have been enlightening.

Join Julie McGill, FoodLogiQ’s Vice President of Supply Chain Strategy and Insights, as she shares FoodLogiQ’s most recent findings about blockchain. During this presentation, attendees will also learn:

  • The three things an organization must do before it is ready to pursue and potentially scale blockchain;
  • The current status of some of the most prominent blockchain pilots in the world;
  • What researchers and analysts predict will happen to blockchain and how it will affect the entire food supply chain

Julie McGill, FoodLogiQ

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