Bridging the Gap Between Administration and Manufacturing in the Baking Industry

All too often a “left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing” scenario takes place between the administrative and the manufacturing sides of a business in the Baking industry. Questions may arise from both sides concerning decisions made by the other side that may not have an obvious reason. This can cause a loss in output, misunderstandings, and an overall decrease in company morale. The obvious solution, good communication between both sides, can be the hardest to implement.

With the advent of the internet along with cloud and edge computing, we can now create an interface between administration and manufacturing in the Baking industry. Through data-driven analytics and real-time metrics, both sides can have a hand on the pulse of the business by leveraging easy-to-use, and, yet, comprehensive web-based applications.

Learning Objectives

  1. What benefits can be derived from accessing manufacturing and administrative data from one source?
  2. How can bakeries leverage IoT applications to decrease downtime and eliminate waste?
  3. What mix of cloud and edge computing is right for your business?

Josh Lamkins, Shick Esteve

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