Environmental Control for Food Safety & Quality

Food Safety & Quality is greatly dependent on the environment that the finished product is exposed to and over the past few years there has been a significant increase in what is considered an acceptable environment in Food Processing Facilities.  What has evolved is a change of mindset from Facility Ventilation Designs that focused only on Occupant Heat Stress Management to one that is focused on creating a safe and more consistent environment for the product.  This change has resulted in increased air filtration requirements to minimize molds and other airborne contaminants while maintaining facility pressurization to prevent unwanted infiltration from outdoors.  This presentation will focus on “Good Practices” to address this changing requirement and how dedicated systems can be applied to the finished product cooling cycle, which is normally 95% of the exposed time, which can help assure Food Safety & Quality by providing a “Clean Room” with a consistent environment.

Learning Objectives

  1. Industrial Ventilation System Parameters for Food Safety & Occupant Heat Stress
  2. Environmental impact on finished bake products
  3. Increased focus on product zones rather than whole facility.

Scott Houtz, Air Management Technologies, Inc.

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