Safe Handling of Enzymes in the Baking Supply Chain

Microbial enzymes have been widely used in the baking industry due to their valuable contributions to the quality of finished baked goods as well as fulfilling the need for sustainable ingredients. Microbial enzymes have a long history of safe use in foods and are not considered food allergens through ingestion. However, enzyme proteins have long been recognized to have a potential to cause occupational allergy and asthma through worker inhalation exposures to enzyme dust or aerosols during bakery processes such as blending and mixing. The Enzyme Technical Association (ET) has developed guidance on the safe handling and use of enzyme in occupational environments. This presentation will provide an overview of the hazards, control measures, training, and surveillance practices as part of an overall enzyme safety program.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the health effects of enzymes associated with inhalation exposures
  2. Learn about the hierarchy of controls that can be implemented to minimize enzyme exposures
  3. Gain access to key industry guidance documents and tools to help manage enzyme safety within your organization

Deborah Martin, Enzyme Technical Association

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