Keynote Presentation: Automation – How to Successfully Maintain Production Efficiency and Product Quality

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Customers are becoming more and more interested in better food quality in terms of taste but also nutritional value and functionality. Consequently, the demand for great bread is definitively growing.

However, the baking industry is now facing a new challenge: A shortage in skilled bakers or even, generally said, just employee shortage.

To answer the growing demand for high quality breads, bakeries must accept the challenge to automate their production process wherever is possible.

While the baking process has remained the same for many centuries, the bakers have now access to an array of new technologies to facilitate and/or automate bread production.

The baking equipment market has many options to offer. Only a good understanding of the baking process and the proper handling of the dough to respect its integrity will lead to a successful automation. Bakers will then produce efficiently and consistently high-quality products within optimum food safety conditions.

After this presentation, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the philosophy of a smart equipment selection:
    • The equipment must adapt to the dough and not the opposite.
  • Understand the critical quality control points to respect to maintain products quality while automating.
  • Understand the possible options of automation available for each step of the process.
  • Select the right equipment according to the type of dough and breads.
  • Look into the future of baking relying more on technical knowledge associated with the right automation, and less on human power.

Didier Rosada, Red Brick Consulting