About AIB International

AIB International was founded in 1919 as a technology and information transfer center for bakers and food processors. Our original mission was to “put science to work for the baker”, a theme that has expanded yet remains central to our programs, products, and services.

Our mission is to empower the global food industry to elevate their food safety and grain-based production capabilities.

AIB is made up of experts in the fields of baking production, experimental baking, cereal science, nutrition, food safety and hygiene. With offices and staff worldwide, we are well positioned to be your partner in the global food chain.

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AIB International offers world-class training for the food industry. From baking to HACCP to food defense to labeling, you’ll find resident programs, seminars, webinars, distance and online learning, and other training products here!  Start today by exploring your area of interest.

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An important part of our mission at AIB International is to share information with our professional community. Here we’ve collected links to all the articles, tools, and resources we offer free of charge. If we collect information from you in exchange, it’s to help us understand how our resources are used, and to keep you in the loop about related products and services. We respect your privacy and promise to never sell or share your information with others.

Free Technical Bulletins

For more than three decades AIB offered a subscription service to regularly published Technical Bulletins written by our in-house experts and guest authors. The wide array of technical content helped bakers understand the science behind ingredient functionality, product formulations, processing techniques, and other trends and technology.

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