Communicating for Results: Ingredients to Connect & Collaborate

From the traditional face-to-face conversations and paper memos to video conferencing and Twitter feeds, we may not think sharing information could be difficult in today’s age. However, misunderstandings and breakdowns occur with every kind of medium we use to communicate. Today’s technological advances (or some would say…“advances?!”) enable us to communicate with a wider range of people, across previously divided boundaries and borders. However, all of these newly connected recipients have different filters and lenses that shape their interpretation.

How do we avoid breakdowns, enhance workplace collaboration, and create a culture by design?

Learning Objectives:

  1. A toolkit of active listening tactics to enable improved relationships with team members
  2. How to fortify trust and collaboration in ways that align organizational goals so they can deliver results
  3. Awareness of different communication styles, leading to effective communication across organization levels
  4. A personal action plan to improve your communication skills to increase team transparency and performance
  5. How to identify gaps and possible breakdowns in team communication, and to ensure team members feel listened to and understood

This workshop will provide communication skills needed to stay connected where knowledge-sharing, teaming, and continuous improvement become more vital to modern workplace success.

Chason Hecht, Retensa Retention

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