Retaining Your Skilled Workforce: Predicting Who Will Quit

This year marks unemployment hitting a 50 year record low, and voluntary turnover is reaching record highs across most industries. More often, it is not the low performing staff that quits, it is the top talent. Finding skilled labor like those in the manufacturing industry isn’t becoming any easier. With demand for labor high, retaining top talent is back on the forefront at most organizations. Are you finding it harder to keep your top performing workers?

No matter what is ahead for your company, it is never a good time to lose great people. How do you know who will stay and who will go? This workshop will give you the tools needed to identify employee commitment and develop a personalized employee retention strategy.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Attraction and retention tactics that can be implemented immediately
  2. How to identify employees with “one foot out the door”
  3. What motivates high performers from the rest of the pack
  4. How to create action plans and retention tools tailored to your workplace

Retensa Retention Experts will present an informative, interactive seminar to help participants apply real-world strategies and tactics to motivate and retain current employees.

Chason Hecht, Retensa Retention

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